Hildegard Müller, Chairwoman of the BDEW General Executive Management Board declared on today’s adoption of scheduled regulations on offshore grid connections by the German Federal Cabinet that:

"The draft law adopted today by the Federal Cabinet points in the right direction in the light of the urgently required coordination of timing of the construction of offshore wind farms and the necessary grid connection. The draft legislation initiates a system change in terms of offshore wind farms’ connection to the grid which (if properly drawn-up) can give rise to legal certainty and security of investments and reduce the burdens imposed on end-users.

Whether the rules on liability and compensation provided for in the draft will really lead to the urgently required security of planning and investment for transmission system operators and operators of wind farms, still needs to be comprehensively analysed. The lack of clarity of the previous regulations has led to financial risks which have to be removed as fast and effectively as possible. For this reason, the planned regulations must not entail additional risks for investors. At the same time, the planned measures must reduce the costs for consumers to a minimum."


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