Executive Board

The BDEW Executive Board is composed of the President, four Vice-Presidents and, in an advisory capacity, the General Executive Managers. The President of the previous term of office is an ex-officio member of the Executive Board. The honorary members of the Executive Board are elected by the Board of Directors from among its own ranks for a term of two years. The gas, electricity/district heat and water/wastewater sectors, the supply categories (size classes) and value creation levels as well as the multi-utility companies are adequately represented on the BDEW Executive Board.

For the term of office until 2018, the BDEW Executive Board is composed as follows:

Dipl. Ing. Johannes Kempmann

BDEW President

Jörg Simon

BDEW Vice-President Water/ Wastewater

Christian Meyer-Hammerström

BDEW Vice-President

Dr. Rolf Martin Schmitz

BDEW Vice-President

Rolf Martin Schmitz (17 June 1957) was President of the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft - BDEW), Berlin from July 2008. Since July 2010, he has been Vice-President of BDEW. Schmitz is Member of the Executive Board of RWE AG, Essen.

The mechanical engineer gained his doctorate in engineering at Aachen University in 1985 and started his professional career at STEAG AG, Essen, in 1986. In 1988, he switched to Veba AG (today: E.ON AG), Düsseldorf, where he worked in different areas, such as technology, environmental protection, corporate development in the energy sector and corporate economic policy. In 1998, Schmitz was appointed Member of the Executive Board of rhenag Rheinische Energie AG, Cologne. His career further included the following positions: CEO of Thüga Beteiligungen AG, Cologne, Member of the Executive Board of Thüga AG, Munich, and Chairman of the Management Board of E.ON Kraftwerke GmbH, Hanover. Prior to his change to RWE AG in May 2009, Rolf Schmitz was CEO of RheinEnergie AG, Cologne, and Managing Director of Stadtwerke Cologne GmbH.

From 2006, Schmitz was Member of the Council of Directors of the German Electricity Association (Verband der Elektrizitätswirtschaft - VDEW), Berlin, and from 2007 Vice-President of VDEW. Furthermore, he was Member of the Board of Directors of the Association of German Gas and Water Industries (Bundesverband der deutschen Gas- und Wasserwirtschaft - BGW), Berlin. Since autumn 2007, Schmitz has been Vice-President of BDEW.

Dieter Steinkamp

BDEW Vice-President

Stefan Kapferer

Chairman of the General Executive Management Board and Member of the Executive Board

Stefan Kapferer was born in Karlsruhe, 6 November 1965. After secondary school and military service, he studied management sciences at the University of Konstanz. Following graduation in 1992, he received a grant to work on a research project at the Treuhandanstalt Berlin. From September 1993 until the end of 1998, Mr. Kapferer worked for the Lower Saxony regional association of the FDP (Free Democratic Party) in Hannover. From January 1999, he worked in the FDP parliamentary party for their chairman, Dr. Wolfgang Gerhardt, who appointed him as head of the strategy and campaigns division in the national office in August 1999. In August 2003, Mr. Kapferer became department head in the Lower Saxony State Chancellery. As Head of Service for the Representation of the Land Lower Saxony in Berlin, he was involved in the legislative work in the Bundesrat (German upper house). In October 2008, the Minister for Economics, Labour and Transport in Lower Saxony, Walter Hirche, appointed Mr. Kapferer as his State Secretary in Hannover. In addition to his role at the Ministry, Mr. Kapferer was, as a result of his position, chairman of the supervisory board of N-Bank, the development bank of Lower Saxony and of the Jade-Weserport-Realisierungsgesellschaft. In 2009, Mr. Kapferer was appointed State Secretary for the German Federal Ministry of Health. As the only State Secretary employed as a civil servant at the Ministry of Health, he had overall political and organisational responsibility. Upon the appointment of Dr. Philipp Rösler to German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, Mr. Kapferer switched, in June 2011, to the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. His responsibilities were focused on the coordination of legislation with the Federal Chancellery as State Secretary of the Vice Chancellor. In addition, he regularly represented the Ministry in European councils such as the Council of Energy Ministers. Following the switch by State Secretary Jochen Homann to the German Federal Network Agency, Mr. Kapferer also assumed responsibility for the energy department, as well as assuming the role of chair of the supervisory board of the German Energy Agency. After the 2013 German general election, Mr. Kapferer remained State Secretary with Minister Sigmar Gabriel at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. From October 2014 to April 2016, Mr. Kapferer was Deputy Secretary-General of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris. In that role, he was responsible for the organisation of the areas "Science, Technology and Industry", "Employment, Labour, Social Security" as well as the "Centre for Entrepreneurship". Since 1 May 2016, Mr. Kapferer has been the Chairman of the General Executive Management Board of BDEW. Mr. Kapferer is married and has two school-age children. He lives in Berlin.