How to become a member of BDEW

Ordinary membership can be acquired by companies and enterprises involved in energy and water supply business or wastewater disposal in Germany.  

Energy supply includes generation, trading and sales of electrical energy, gas, local and district heat, cold and the operation of the networks, storage facilities and other infrastructure required for that purpose.  

Water management comprises water supply, wastewater disposal and the operation of the necessary infrastructure. Membership includes companies and enterprises of whatever legal form, which operate networks, storage facilities or any other energy or water infrastructure or administer such enterprises or assume a function within public energy supply or water management.

BDEW has direct and indirect ordinary members. Direct membership is granted by the Association. Admission to membership is subject to a decision taken by the Board of Directors. As a rule, companies located in the German Länder Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate or Saarland are granted indirect ordinary BDEW membership which is acquired by their membership in the regional organization located in the respective German Land. However, this does not entail liability to double contribution.

Associate membership can be offered by BDEW in special cases, e.g. to foreign companies of the energy and water industry. Admission to associate membership is also subject to a decision by the BDEW Board of Directors.

The annual due is determined according to the dues schedule. The sales revenues in the different sectors and levels of value creation are used as a basis to determine the annual amount of dues to be paid by ordinary members. Should you want to obtain some information in advance about your potential membership fee don’t hesitate to contact us!


Should you have any further questions concerning BDEW membership please contact: