BDEW Congress 2014

24th to 26th June 2014, InterContinental Berlin

BUSINESS OF TOMORROW – New business models for the energy and water industries

The BDEW Congress 2014 will provide us with interesting insights into a broad range of topics. We would like to discuss with you the global trends which determine the reality of the energy and water industries as well as the specific business models which will set the trends in the various sectors. Think globally, act locally is the motto - especially for the municipal energy and water industries. With the amendment to the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), the new German government has introduced fundamental reforming measures for the market and system integration of renewable energy sources. This provides a good basis for renewables to be gradually introduced to market forces and to include them in assuming responsibility for the system as a whole.

Obligatory direct marketing and the planned determination of the level of subsidy in a competitive process are the basis for a system compatible development of renewable ener-gies. The industry has fought hard for these advancements, not only at the BDEW Congresses of recent years. However, there remains a need for further discussion, for example, on the economic perspectives of conventional power stations or on the possible consideration of own generation and own consumption of electricity in the EEG levy. Further steps will therefore be necessary to ensure the German Energiewende continues to be a collective national project.

We invite you to discuss with us: What perspectives are avail-able with a new market design for electricity and gas? Where are we headed as far as capacity markets are concerned? What opportunities does a new market design offer to businesses? In which new business areas could municipal utilities exploit their particular capabilities? How can the energy infrastructure be securely financed?
At all times, we should consider the implications of the Energiewende in a European context. Energy policy is no longer decided on a national level. We are thus particularly pleased to welcome our international guests and to hear their views on the reorganisation of the German energy supply.

The business of tomorrow: We warmly invite you to join our conversation on sustainable new business models for the energy and water industries.

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