06/21/2013, Berlin

EU Commission removes water from the planned Concession Directive:

BDEW welcomes EU Commission decision

Decision is also the result of intensive BDEW discussions with European institutions

“We can only welcome the decision of the European Commission. Water in Germany thus remains under the care of the local authorities who are in the best position to be able to decide how the water supply should best be organised”, said General Executive Manager Water /Wastewater of the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft - BDEW) in Berlin today.

BDEW has spoken out in the past weeks and months, in intensive discussions in Brussels and Berlin, for the trusted communal structure of the water industry in Germany to not be jeopardised by this EU directive. BDEW had introduced comprehensive proposals in the form of a “Water Exception Package” into the discussion which was also seized upon by the EU Council of Ministers and the German Federal Government. Clearly, the European Commission recognised, also on the basis of the aforementioned intensive discussions, that its approach to create an EU-wide regulation for the granting of concessions was ultimately not conducive to the pursued aims nor practicable as well as not duly fair to the structures in the individual EU Member States.

BDEW was always of the opinion that an exception for the water industry from the scope of applicability of the directive would ultimately be the best course of action”, said Weyand.


Jan Ulland
Pressesprecher / Press Spokesman