04/10/2013, Berlin

BDEW: Adoption of the National Action Plan on Pesticides:

Fundamental provisions on water protection are finally taken into account

BDEW: targets and measures included in the action plan must be strictly implemented in the area of water protection

The German Federal Cabinet today adopted the National Action Plan on Pesticides (Nationalen Aktionsplan Pestizide – NAP). The NAP transposes the new EU Framework Directive on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides into German law. The draft versions of the Action Plan were met with strong criticism in the past few years from BDEW as well as environmental associations.

From the perspective of the water industry, the version adopted by the German government today contains improvements over previous versions as far as water protection is concerned. “The National Action Plan on Pesticides adopted today also takes into account a group of so-called metabolites (resulting from decomposition of plant protection products) which are an important consideration, with their orientation values for health purposes, for the water industry. That these were included was one of the main demands of the water industry. We expressly welcome the fact that this demand was accommodated in the NAP after all”, said Martin Weyand, General Executive Manager Water /Wastewater, in Berlin today. “Pollution of our water resources is not only caused by the active substances in the plant protection products themselves but also by their decomposition and reaction products (metabolites).

The complete adoption of the provisions of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) is also expressly welcomed. The so-called principle of reversing trends inherent to the WFD is thus adopted in the NAP. “This should have been a matter of course. However, intensive discussions were required right up until the end in order to prevent the already applicable provisions on water protection being diluted. Our efforts were ultimately rewarded. The effectiveness of the measures will now depend on the provisions of the NAP actually being implemented in practice by all parties involved”, said Weyand in closing.


Jan Ulland
Pressesprecher / Press Spokesman