03/14/2013, Berlin

Hildegard Müller on the resolution of the European Commission on the Energy Roadmap 2050

A majority of the European Parliament in a plenary sitting today adopted a resolution of the European Commission on the Energy Roadmap 2050. This represents the Parliament’s statement on the respective announcement of the Commission of December 2011 and contains, amongst other things, demands on the framework conditions and aims within the EU for 2030 as well as the future of emissions certificate trading. Hildegard Müller, released the following statement in relation to today’s European Parliament vote:

“It is high time for a discussion at a European level on defining the future target architecture for 2030. BDEW supports setting a binding European reduction target for CO2-emissions as well as a binding target for deploying/rolling out renewable energy for 2030. If, for example, we want to organise the structure of our power station park efficiently in the medium term, this is only possible through an ambitious, binding pan-European climate target for 2030 and a respective adjustment of the CO2-reduction path. For the energy industry, longer term investment signals are absolutely necessary. The time period between now and 2020 is already too short for the investment decisions of energy companies. At the same time, the time period to 2050, which is covered by the climate road map, is too long for investment decisions. Consequently, a binding emissions reduction target for 2030 should be set as an interim target. It is only this type of reliable framework which will trigger the investments that are necessary if we are to achieve the climate protection goals.

A one-time reduction of 900 million CO2 emissions certificates, so-called backloading, would make sense in light of the persistently low price levels. Constant intervention in the market place by politicians would jeopardise investment security, however. Thus, once the backloading has taken place, a fundamental reform of CO2 certificate trading must follow. BDEW therefore welcomes the fact that the European Parliament today expressed their support for strengthening emissions certificate trading.”


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