06/27/2014, Berlin

The BDEW on today's meeting of the European Council:

The EU internal market is the best instrument for strengthening the security of Europe's energy supply

The energy industry is demanding binding climate targets by 2030

The European Council today debated the future energy security strategy of the European Union as well as EU climate policy. "The energy industry expressly supports the demand of the European Council to completely implement the EU internal market for energy. This is the best instrument for strengthening the security of supply. European coordination allows infrastructure, especially transmission networks and gas grids, to be better planned and utilised", said Hildegard Müller, Chairwoman of the General Executive Management Board of the BDEW in Berlin today. This applies, in light of the current debate, in particular to natural gas: "From the perspective of the BDEW, a secure supply of natural gas can best be provided through an open, liquid, well-connected and transparent European natural gas market with a range of sources, intelligent solutions on the consumer side and certainty in the investment environment. The benefits of gas storage facilities and LNG terminals can best be exploited in a joint, competitive market place."

Müller stressed, in the context of the EU climate policy, that an ambitious and reliable political framework for carbon reduction measures is urgently required: "Only in this way can effective and efficient climate protection be achieved. The European Union is therefore needed, more than ever, to take on a leadership role in environmental protection. To this end, the EU must adopt an ambitious carbon reduction target of at least 40 percent by 2030. The reform proposals of the European Commission on emissions trading must also be passed and implemented without delay. In doing so, European leaders must also send a clear signal and lay the groundwork for a successful international climate conference next year in Paris. The necessary decisions may not be postponed again." The BDEW supports the proposal of the European Commission for a binding EU target for renewable energies of at least 27 percent, provided the market-based mode of operation of the EU ETS is not affected.


Jan Ulland
Pressesprecher / Press Spokesman